Chair overview - Reset: a new chapter

The AEO Forums 2022 is an event that heralds the renewal of an industry. For Sales, Marketing and Operations events professionals across the country, this is your opportunity to share, to learn and to prepare with your peers for the year ahead. Our customers and our industry have adapted, but what have we learnt and what has changed?  What new approaches are required to overcome the common challenges we face together in 2022?

The AEO Forums 2022 will bring the UK Events industry together under the theme of Reset: a new chapter. Together we will focus on those things that will make the biggest difference to your success. You’ll hear first-hand accounts of how to manage customer uncertainty as events return.  Interactive panel discussions with practitioners from across the sector will share their experience of what’s changed in how to connect, engage, and delight an audience. We’ll discuss the real legacy of 2021 for customer success, ROI and what it means to provide more choice beyond the event.

The past 2 years have driven collaboration across the industry and a single-minded focus on our customers. This has brought Sales, Marketing and Operations much closer together and the theme of collaboration runs through the 2022 forums. 

And the Race to Net Zero is on! COP26 fired the starting pistol, and the UK Events industry is up and running. Sustainability must be part of our thinking in every aspect of our business, and at the AEO Forums 2022 you’ll hear from those in our industry who are leading the race. Collectively we have an opportunity to lead the world in sustainable Business events and each of us has a role to play.

And finally, I know we are all proud to be part of an inclusive, diverse and dynamic industry. We’ll be hearing about what Diversity and Inclusion means to the Events sector, the progress we have made and our focus for the coming year. 

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